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Tipping For Tanzania Safari
Tipping For Tanzania Safari

Tipping For Tanzania Safari

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Tipping in Tanzania should always depend on the quality of service received, and it is your choice whether or not you want to tip. For those working in the service industry in Tanzania, including waiters, guides, and trackers, tips can form a significant part of their income. However, there is a fine balance between tipping enough and tipping too much. You may not think that tipping too much could cause problems, but excessive tips can throw out the balance of the local economy.

Tips are more than just a “thank you” for driving you around, or for showing you the Big Five, or for preparing you a hearty meal. These are the people you will spend most time of your time with on your trip so an appreciation and acknowledgment for the things they do beyond their apparent duties should be greatly appreciated.

Tipping is often done in small quantities. Safaris & accommodations are booked and paid for in advance, or by credit cards. This means that often, especially if you’re only in a country for a short period of time, you may not have local currency.

At every safari lodge, there are many people hard at work behind the scenes to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Most lodges have tipping advices and guidelines, so feel free to ask the reception or manager about their tipping policy.

Carrying some extra money in local currency is always a good idea. Tips are appreciated in Tanzania, and so make sure to have some Kenyan Shillings on hand to tip whenever necessary.

Generally, people who work in the safari industry in Tanzania are relatively well paid, so you shouldn’t feel like you have to tip in order for people to survive. But across the year, tipping makes up a very significant portion of income for most people. And of course, as it is preferred, tips should be in foreign currency.

If you are out on a camping safari, it is felt that your cook should be tipped in similar measure to your safari guide (as they work as a team). At most lodges/camps there is a tip box at the front desk. We recommend that you use the tip box instead of tipping individuals so that everyone who made your experience enjoyable can share.

At most lodges and camps, someone will carry your luggage and you might feel compelled to tip them separately but that is up to you.

  • Porters: 1-2 USD per bag
  • Gas station attendants: 1-2 USD
  • Tour Guide: 15-30 USD/couple a day
  • Safari Driver: 15-30 USD/couple a day
  • Airport/hotel transfers: 1-2 USD
  • Personal butlers: 5-10 USD per day
  • Cooks during mountain treks: 5-10 USD per day

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