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How safe is it to travel in Tanzania?

Tanzania is a safe country to travel to. Tanzanians are good-hearted and lavish people and are eager to help and assist visitors. As in all countries, a little common sense goes a long way and reasonable precautions should still be taken, such as locking valuables in the hotel safe, do not carry a lot of camera equipment especially in the major cities.

What is the best time of year to visit Tanzania?

Tanzania is incredible to visit throughout the year. Many visitors prefer visiting in the warm dry season (July to October ), which is the Best Time To Visit Tanzania, and the cold dry season from June to October and from January to March. A great many people evade the stormy long periods of April, May, and November. When you want the transfers and safari destinations all to yourself, it is better to visit in the off-season like the monsoon season

What should you bring with you to a Tanzania safari?

We recommend comfortable light clothing for the day and something warmer for the evenings, which can be chilly in the northern highlands. Comfortable walking shoes are a must for those planning on walking in the parks. You will further need a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen and must be booked in advance.

What’s the food like on the safari?

Cabins and tented camps serve breakfast and supper, regularly buffet-style. Snacks are frequently a crate lunch eaten while on your game drive.

Most places will almost certainly oblige to your favoured dinner alternatives, however once in a while veggie lover/vegetarian choices might be somewhat restricted and monotonous. If you require any exceptional health supplement if you don’t mind generously carry it with you.

What can you expect on a safari day?

This is your safari trip, your experience! You choose how you need to invest your energy in this excursion. If you might want to spend an entire day on safari, you are certainly invited to do as such. Safari Infinity does not confine your mileage, fuel, or how much time you need to be on safari. While some days you may choose to set out by dawn, on different days you can have a slower-paced breakfast before beginning your everyday investigation. Just take a seat with your manual to plan your day and dinners the prior night. Your guide will have a lot of proposals the choice is yours.

What activities can I experience in Tanzania?

The Northern Tanzania circuit is most popular for its morning and afternoon game drives, as well as night drives, walking safaris, bush dining experiences, and cultural excursions. Hot air balloon safaris are available in Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and the Serengeti. In the South West (Selous, Ruaha, Katavi, Mahale, and Gombe) you can sometimes do water activities, as well as bush walks, fishing excursions, chimp trekking, and hot air balloon safaris in Ruaha.

Why is Tanzania more expensive than other safari destinations in Africa?

Tanzania is a more expensive safari destination because of its infrastructure. It is a lot more expensive to get items of convenience and necessity to the national parks and other remote areas. The government also needs to protect nature and wildlife so imposes fees to fund their different conservation projects.

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