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The Kilimanjaro Rescue method is performed when customers can't continue any further in Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Our chief guide will then assist you to return to the gate or will take care of them or provide medical assistance. If one of our climbers is harmed or falls truly sick, we have a crisis rescue plan set up that must be trailed by our mountain group. We likewise get flying doctor membership to every one of our climbers with the goal that those truly sick climbers can be evacuated from the mountain by an air ambulance and get transferred to the best hospital in Africa.

Kilimanjaro Helicopter Rescue:

There is now a helicopter search and rescue service on Kilimanjaro operating out of Moshi. It is run by Kilimanjaro SAR. A helicopter is called by our guides who have completed a special training course to learn how to assess patients and call in an evacuation. The helicopter will only fly to around the height of the last camp, that is, Barafu at 4600 meters.

Helicopters cannot land on the summit, so an injured person would still need to be carried down to the lower level before being taken off. Also, the helicopter will only fly if the correct weather conditions allow it, and it will not fly at night. The placement is located in Moshi. With a guaranteed response time of 5 minutes from the time they receive the distress call, an injured climber can be in a helicopter receiving medical treatment in as little as 15 minutes. After landing at Moshi Airport, the patient is transferred to the high-altitude medical clinic for further treatment.


It’s mandatory to have travel insurance that covers you for high altitude trekking up to 6,000 meters if you plan to climb Kilimanjaro. It is highly recommended that you have insurance that covers emergency evacuation 6,000 meters above Sea Level.

Due to the high altitude, remote location, and demanding conditions of a Kilimanjaro trek, travel insurance is compulsory for all participants. Anyone taking part in a Kilimanjaro climb will be required to show proof of insurance before the start of the trek.

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