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Facts About Mount Kilimanjaro::

Most effective ways to prepare for climbing Kilimanjaro is in order of importance. As you start ticking off the list of things that need to be done in preparation for climbing Kilimanjaro, then you can also check out our TOP 50 TIPS for climbing Kilimanjaro. Everyone has different concerns and questions, so if you are looking for specific information.

Preparing For Kilimanjaro Climb:

  • Preparation and planning are key to make a success of your Kilimanjaro trip.
  • If you want to get to the top in the easiest possible way then you can Choose Marangu or Rongai.
  • If you want beautiful nature and views, go via Machame, Lemosho, or Rongai.
  • Shira is beautiful but can be tough. The most intense route is Umbwe.
  • Marangu is the busiest route while on Rongai there are very few people and it is usually the driest route.

Train for hiking on Kilimanjaro:

Most people will need to train specifically for climbing Kilimanjaro for at least three to four months. During your training, you will need to progressively ramp up your hike time, distance, and elevation gain (at roughly 10% per week) to safely and effectively build your trekking-specific conditioning.

What should you Pack for climb Kilimanjaro:

Avoid choosing clothing items with bulky fabric. For example, you don’t want to pack a heavy maxi dress with layers of fabric for your warm-weather clothing because you’ll take up much-needed space. Instead, choose a lightweight airy dress or maxi skirt.Likewise, for cold climates avoid thick sweaters and purchase light long sleeves in merino wool and synthetic blends that offer maximum warmth yet take up minimal space. By choosing quality items for cold climates, you can avoid packing bulky clothing and pack light. Avoid bringing a thick heavy coat when possible and opt for a packable down jacket instead.

What to carry with you on Kilimanjaro:

Inside Your daypack, on Kilimanjaro, you will have waterproof gear, sun hut, extra warm clothing, water, snacks, packed lunch, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug repellent, and a camera. When you’re on the mountain, most of your gear will be packed in alarge duffel bag.

Prepare mentally for altitude:

There is no getting away from it, high altitude training is as tough as it is rewarding. To reach whatever summit you have set your sights on, you need to be in the right place mentally. This might sound easier said than done but if you follow these pointers you will be well on the way to reaching great heights. You need to be strong mentally and emotionally, have a positive attitude, and be able to think atthe moment. Drink Lots of Water, Reduce Your Exercise, Get Enough Sleep, Limit Your Alcohol Intake, Increase Your Potassium Levels, Protect Yourself from the Sun.

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