7 Days Machame Route Western Breach

Daily Tour 7 Days
Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Kilimanjaro National Park

Day 1: Pick up from Lodge/Hotel – Machame Gate 1840m – Machame Hut – 9kms – 6 to 7hrs – Altitude gain 1140m
To Machame Hut, 3000m. After a transfer to the park gate, a 7 hour walk through the forest takes you to Machame Hut. You camp throughout the climb, and your crew will take good care of you, erect and dismantle the camp, and provide you with tasty, filling food. Full board.

Day 2: Machame Hut 2980m — Shira Hut – 7kms – 5 to 6hrs – Altitude gain 890m
To Shira Cave, 3800m. An initial steep climb followed by a gentle incline. After lunch a descent and ascent brings you to the camp. Walking time approx. 5 hours. Full board.

Day 3: Shira Hut 3840m — Lava Tower – 5kms – 4-5hrs – Altitude gain 760m
Today you climb slowly for some 5kms. This is a fairly strenuous day as the altitude begins to tell. Walking time approx. 8 hours. Full board.

Day 4: Lava Tower 4600m — Arrow Glacier – 4 to 5hrs

This is the shot day to Arrow Glacier approximately 3-4hrs 4800m. Full board

Day 5: Arrow Glacier 4800m — Crater Camp Furtwangler Glacier – 6 to 7hrs visit Reusch Glacier (Ash Pit)
Today is the long day from Arrow Glacier passing through the view of Crater Rim and Camp to the Crater Rim Camp, Full board

Day 6: Crater Camp Furtwangler Glacier — Uhuru Peak – 2 to 3hrs — Millennium Camp – 5 to 6hrs
To Uhuru Peak the highest point, then down to Millennium Camp or Mweka Camp! Full board.

Day 7: Millennium Camp 

Mweka Gate – 10kms – 3 to 4hrs – descend 1050m -Transfer to Lodge/Hotel

The Machame Route gives you the greatest chance to make it to the summit (Uhuru Peak) and is a good all-rounder in terms of value for money and length of the climb. It is also a chiefly scenic route as you ascend from the western side of Mount Kilimanjaro and run down the south face. Muddy Dusty has a very high victory record for Kilimanjaro trek on this route because most of his best guides was bone and live at Machame Village found on the slop of Mount Kilimanjaro. The guides and crew that we use are brilliant. Some of the local guides have climbed and been trained by Kilimanjaro National Park Authority. Muddy Dusty Best award winning guide of Paul Morison Award 2007 Mr. Ramson Swai have summited over 450 times! They are key to your success, as they will motivate you and look after your every need, giving you the very best chance to get to the top. The high guide & porter to client ratio ensures a safe climb. There’s no receiving away from the statement that it’s a tough climb, but it’s not technical, you don’t need climbing tackle and ropes and so on. All you have to do is walk slowly (Pole Pole) so the altitude doesn’t get you too much as you go upper, keep focused on your goal and keep optimistic. And of course you’ll be hiking through some unbelievable, awe inspirational scenery, with the support of your excellent guides and porters who have done this many many times before. They will absolutely keep you working, and look after you by putting up your tents and nourishing you good vigor meals each day. With you own energy and their help, you have every chance of making it to the top Uhuru Peak.

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