5 Days Marangu Route

Daily Tour 5 Days
Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Kilimanjaro National Park

Day 1: Marangu Gate – Mandara Hut 7kms 3 to 4hrs up 835m
Leave for Marangu from Moshi town, start at Marangu gate 1970m. Short walk through the Maundi Crater overnight at Mandara Hut. (2720m)

Day 2: Mandara Hut — Hut 11kms 5 to 6hrs up 1000m
Begin walk from mandara hut 2720m and overnight at Horombo hut (3720m)

Day 3: Horombo Hut — Kibo Hut 12kms 5 to 6hrs up 983m
Trek to Kibo Hut through the Saddle, a wide, barren and comparatively flat area lying between the peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi.

Day 4: Kibo Hut — UHURU – Horombo Hut 21kms 127 14hrs up 1192m down 2175m
Midnight go to the summit then back to Kibo for lunch and rest for 1:30min then Descend to Horombo hut (3720 m). Full board

Day 5: Horombo Hut – Marangu Gate 18kms 5 to 6hrs down 1880m
From Horombo cover the last section of the mountain continues through the forest to Marangu gate where your vehicle will be waiting to transport you back to Moshi or Arusha.

Marangu is also known as the ‘Vacationer Route’ and the This is because Marangu is the most common route on the mountain, and thus is considered popular touristy, and because the route is the only one that provide sleeping huts, which named after the cold drink like Coca Cola. Marangu Route is the coolest route on Mount Kilimanjaro. Its ascension shape is very slow and steady, letting for effortless hiking for most of the way. However, due to its status as a cool route, Marangu Route is often designated by unprepared, inexpert climbers. Similarly, only about 35 percent of the folks really make it to the Uhuru Peak the top. The hike initiates in the south east area of the Mount Kilimanjaro at Marangu Gate. The route takes five days minimum to complete, although six days is more real-world and optional. The sleeping huts along the route are constructions with a dining hall and bunk beds, furnished with mattresses and pillows. The descent is done on the similar path, contributing to Marangu overfull feeling. It is an inexpensive climb as well, due to the nearby closeness of the gate to Moshi, the entry town, and since it is a shorter route. Scenically, Marangu Rote is not a desirable route related to all the other routes because it limits climbers to one area of the crag, thus limiting the variety. However, Marangu Route has the finest path in the forest section of the trek. Of course, there are still countless views of the Mawenzi and it’s equally remarkable for everyone at Uhuru Peak. Marangu Route is perfect for those who are not self-assured in their aptitude to hike over steeper trek. It’s also gorgeous for those who do not want to sleep in a tent. Marangu Route huts bid shelter and warmth against the weather so it is a decent excellent when climbing during the rainy season. Marangu Route is for those who want to spend less on their climb, and do not mind troops.

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    Kelly M
    11:59 am - January 31, 2018 / Reply

    We booked our 9 day Northern Circuit climb with Jiwe after searching many other companies. We were clear about the purpose of our trip – safe, only 2 of us, and efficient. We had an amazing positive experience, with 8 porters, 2 guides, and 1 cook. One porter, David, was assigned to be our “waiter”, something which we did not expect. He was helpful, kind, and courteous. David’s English was also very good. The cook, Liberache, was amazingly creative with hot soups, huge healthy meals, and a wide variety of everything to eat. The guides were very well experienced- GoodLuck and Jackson. We were so blessed to have them help us, laugh a lot, tell us what to expect, and truly be real and “present” with us. They helped us every step of the way, and worked together to provide a positive experience. The entire team, crew, etc was amazing. Edgar, the manager, always answered questions via email before the trip in a timely way. From the moment we landed until the moment we flew away we were happy with everything!!!!


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