Kilimanjaro ans safari

Me and my partner did Kilimanjaro hiking and safari with jiwe adventures and was even better than expected thanks to Edgar, the owner of the agency. He was worried all the time about us, trying to make our adventure greater, adapting the organization of the tours for us, and helping anytime needed. He really cares about his clients and his willing is to do a god job, and he got it with us. The quality that Edgar offers (both Kilimanjaro and safari) is much higher than the prices he ask for. Indeed jiwe adventures was the cheapest agency we could find on the web, and the proffesionality of the team was perfect. We didn't have any kind of problem.I really recomend jiwe adventures thanks to the human treat, the responsibility and the price. With no doubt Jiwe adventures is not only a great choice, its maybe the best one.

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