Why Jiwe Adventures

We Focus On Safety

we understand that our top priority is to keep you out of harm’s way. Our guides perform regular health checks on all climbers, and they are prepared to prevent, detect and treat altitude sickness. We include rescue oxygen and first aid kit on every climb and have evacuation plans in place in case of emergencies.

“Because we focus on safety, our clients role will be enjoying their lifetime adventure”

Experienced Guides

When traveling through the wild, you need a guide who knows the way and your travel needs.  We have the best local guides who have received extensive training in first aid for safari and mountain rescue. With unrivaled experience and competence, they are among the most talented and respected professionals in the industry.

Quality Camping Gear

We only use high quality camping equipment to keep climbers and safari goers as comfortable as possible while outdoors. Our Mountain Hardware tents are warm, waterproof, and roomy and perfectly suited for the rigors of Kilimanjaro. We provide thick foam sleeping pads for all clients. Mountain sleeping bags, rated to -30F/ – 34C, are available for rental.

Our Safari Vehicles

While on safari with Jiwe Adventures we make it our highest priority to ensure you feel secure and comfortable. We have a fleet of safari cars for the transfer, Land cruiser 4×4 with pop up roof with its capacity of 2 – 4 people, as well as extended land cruiser 4×4 with its capacity of 4 – 7 people, with a mini fridge, free WiFi On-board and Binoculars. Also we have shuttle buses which can accommodate up to 20 clients. 

Giving Back To The Community

At Jiwe Adventures, our  main focus is to arrange tours with an ethical and eco-friendly approach. Also giving back to the community is an important part of what Jiwe Adventures is about.

As a locally owned tour operator, we employ local drivers, porters and office staff as a part of our responsibility to help eradicate poverty. We believe the world in which we inhabit deserves our respect. The people, cultures and environments in which we are blessed to live to provide us with endless wonder, and the foundation on which we able to run Jiwe Adventures.
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